Beach exercises can be fun. Start your New Years resolution early! There are tons of ways to burn calories while on an East Coast Florida Beach. Eat that 350 calorie hamburger and don’t feel guilty sipping on a 245 calorie piña colada! You’ve earned it!

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Beach Exercises

  1. Playing Catch
    You can burn 175 calories per hour throwing the football or baseball
  2. Building Sandcastles
    210-315 calories per hour burned by playing in the sand!
  3. Surfing
    Surfboard or Boogieboard, you can burn 205-300 calories per hour
  4. Kayaking
    For an hour of kayaking you’ll burn 340 calories! That’s 2 Margaritas! Cheers!
  5. Beach Soccer
    Kick around the soccer ball and burn a whopping 500 calories per hour
  6. Ocean Swimming
    Channel your inner Michael Phelps and burn 410 calories per hour by swimming in the ocean
  7. Beach Volleyball
    Play a family game of beach volleyball and burn 545 calories per hour
  8. Treading Water in the Pool
    Moderate treading burns 204 calories per hour. Vigorous treading can burn up to 615!
  9. Beach Walking
    Do you like long walks on the beach? Take a brisk walk and burn 180 calories per hour. Or activate your stabilizer muscles and burn up to 350 calories walking on soft sand!

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